Please Allow Me to REMINISCE


As I write this, it’s hard to believe my sister, Sherry, has been gone for one year today. I still miss her every day and wish we could spend just one more day together. I still have moments when I can’t remember something that happened back in the day or can’t remember where we were when something hilarious took place. It is at those moments that I start to pick up the phone to call Sherry and realize all too quickly that I can’t call her.

One of the toughest parts of being the last surviving sibling is that not one person in the whole world shares those childhood memories with me. There is not another person in the world that will break into song and dance in the middle of a store with me because something reminded us of a favorite song. There is not another person in the world that remembers sledding off the rooftop of our house after the blizzard of 1958. No one remembers Sherry and I pulling her dog, Boots, out of the outhouse hole (yuck!!) after that same blizzard.

I was so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with both of my sisters and have so many treasured memories of our shared life. So, a note to my sons and grandchildren: try to be tolerant and laugh in the right places (or cry when it’s appropriate) when my heart and mind travel back in time to the stories and cherished memories my parents and sisters shared along with me. Sometimes I have the need to reminisce.

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