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Red Light, Green Light!

Did you play “Red Light, Green Light” when you were a child? It was a simple stop-and-go game where one person was IT—the traffic light. The rest of the players stood in a line facing IT while she turned her back a good distance away and called out, “Green light!” The players then ran as…

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Bollards Come in All Shapes and Sizes

As I crossed the parking lot heading toward the rec center where I exercise most mornings, I had to step between metal posts placed strategically several yards from the large glass entry doors.  The task at hand—get inside before I change my mind about my workout and go pick up a fresh almond bear claw…

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Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” blurted the girl as she came toe to toe with her playmate’s unkind remarks. There are probably more up-to-date comebacks for today’s world, but I think this one has stood the test of time. The thing is it doesn’t take a child…

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Perspective From the Top

My trip to Grand Junction, Colorado one fall painted a great visual of the word perspective (or point of view). Sitting on the left side of the plane, I followed the flight attendant’s instructions to buckle up as we began our descent. The Gunnison River joining it from the south, Grand Junction is nestled in…

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Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

When I was a girl, my great aunt wrote lengthy letters to my mother about the comings and goings (gossip?) of her large Italian family. They lived in a Southern California coastal town, and in those days it was truly “a world away” from our ranch out in the middle of eastern Colorado. My aunt…

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